Holistic Management Consultant

In our role as Holistic Management Consultant, we help organizations to produce optimal results, through the development of their personnel. We support the integration of their consciousness into their tasks in order to maximize both their personal and professional potential.

We believe that any organization could be a holistic one, regardless of its size or management structure. Organizations only accomplish efficiency and effectiveness when they understand and are attentive to five core dimensions; people, processes and systems, structure, strategy and rewards. These dimensions constantly interact with each other, as what occurs in one affects the other, either by stimulating or preventing expansion and growth.


We go to the root of the problem, encouraging actions that value integrity, intuition and creativity while simultaneously optimizing benefits and competition.

We create an environment where conscious motivation exists within a team, so that it evolves into one formed by mature, upright people who are actively willing to undertake a commitment to themselves and with the company. This achieved through a mixture of the following steps:

  1. Assist in the creation of firm and flexible structures that are able to adapt to the continuous changes that organisations face on a daily basis.
  2. Facilitate a clear approach regarding the organizations’ strategy.
  3. Create systems that encourage participatory decision making in organizations by building a common vision.
  4. Assist in setting individual goals in line with the organization’s vision and mission statement.
  5. Provide personal guidance to employees having difficulty in carrying out their individual objectives in line with the common vision.
  6. Work with staff to ensure that they are taking responsibility for their job’s processes and its importance for the company’s optimal performance.
  7. Ensure that staff link personal consciousness with organizational purpose resulting in greater productivity and rewards through management actions.
  8. An active follow up system to ensure the above steps are consistently applied.