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The rhythm of Breathing help disolving Stress

Stress is a state of inner personal anxiety and can occur in all aspects of our lives. It triggers processes of non-communication that hinder productivity and creativity . All of us, in some way or another, can be affected by this ‘condition’. Symptoms like bad moods, prolonged tiredness, anxiety, lack of motivation and negative vision are almost normal in today’s world. A major difficulty of healing this ‘illness’ lies in the fact that stress continuously feeds back on itself. Once it is present in the organism, its effect becomes a cause. It is important to differentiate between what I call “Creative Tension” and “Real Stress”. Creative Tension is a stressful situation where we retain a certain control, such as in sport or the organisation of a wedding. Real Stress appears in a situation where we have no control over the event, such as an accident, natural disaster, economic crisis, continues mistreatment, death, etc.

One of the most devastating effects of stress is the inhibition of breathing. With the repetition of stressful situations, the result becomes chronic and generates serious hang-ups such as lack of creativity, low productivity, chronic fatigue and mood swings amongst others. The symptoms experienced can be repressed emotions, frustration, lack of purpose, difficulty in expressing love and gratitude, all of which will affect our joy in life and productivity. To liberate ourselves from the effects of stress, the study and practice of breathing techniques is an excellent place to begin.

Breathing is a life-sustaining activity that we begin to practice instinctively from the moment we are born and continues uninterrupted until the moment we die. The rhythm of our respiration is such a familiar practice to us that most of our lives we are even unaware of our participation in this vital action. Remember, however, that though we can survive for many days without food and not quite so long without water, if we are prevented from breathing, most humans will be dead within three or four minutes. This is how fundamental the breathing process is to our well-being. Let us take a closer look at the dynamics of the breathing process.


We are a team of international consultants. We are specialized in Breathwork applied to organizational management and personal development.


We encourage organizations to produce optimal results and to rely on a team of people who integrate consciousness into their tasks and maximize both their personal and professional potential. We believe that any organization could be a succesful organization, no matter its size and its management's orientation. These organizations are the ones which accomplish efficiency and effectiveness when they understand and consciously pay attention to their different dimensions: people, processes and systems, structure, strategy and rewards. All these dimensions are constantly interacting with each other, what occurs in one affects the other positively or negatively, either to expand or forcing to hold back.


We go to the root of the problems, encouraging actions that will value integrity, intuition and creativity as well as optimize benefits and competition. We call it sustainable productivity and is what we do in Kayana International Breathwork for Business.

WHAT DOES Sustainable Productivity CONSIST OF?

  1. Conscious motivation within a team formed by emotionally mature and upright people who are willing to assume their commitment with themselves and with the company
  2. Taking responsibility of the job's processes and its interaction for the company's optimal performance.
  3. Firm and simultaneously flexible structures that are able to adapt themselves to continuos changes.
  4. A clear approach regarding the organizations' strategy.
  5. Greater productivity and rewards through management actions that link personal consciousness with the organizational purpose.

WHAT kind of BENEFITS CAN you GET AT THE END of the process

  1. Increase productivity and the joy of continuously creating and achieving goals
  2. Harmonious relationship between employees therefore less rework and absence from work
  3. As the person is more focus you will have less rework. Good from the first time
  4. Increases motivation and improve creativity to do the work quicker and more efficient as their best qualities will show up naturally.
  5. Can help to reduce cost and improve profit, because the vision of the company will become part of the personal vision of the personal, therefor we believe that Breathwork should be part of the internal training that all companies should have.