Kayana Business Consultancy

How can breathwork and our consultancy services support your employees and organization?

If you are looking to improve your productivity indexes and to increase profit, but struggling with lack of motivation and creative ideas from your team, or even conflict or bullying, we have a proposal for you.

As a Business Consultant, specialized in Human Resources, one of Viola’s & team’s major strengths is going to the root of the problems together with you, our client, and in that process encouraging you to take actions that value integrity, intuition and creativity, while keeping profitability and competitiveness in focus. Viola calls it “Sustainable Productivity.” She believes that any organization could be successful, no matter its size or management orientation. To help achieve that success, we will educate you about the most effective management and leadership styles.

In addition to our knowledge and understanding of how business works, we have a unique tool to help you overcome your challenges in a quick, profound and sustainable way. We will teach and practice with you breathing techniques which will help resolve stress and transform it into healthy “creative tension”. Indeed, conscious breathing is the most effective and inexpensive tool that exists, you just have to learn how to use it.

Conscious breathing will be your resource in times of creativity and your ally in times of challenge.

The benefits for your organization of being in “Sustainable Productivity”

  1. Conscious motivation within a team formed of emotionally mature people who are willing to assume their commitment with themselves and with the company.
  2. Taking responsibility and becoming conscious for ones’ job and role in the organization and its direct effect on productivity.
  3. Firm and simultaneously flexible structures that are able to adapt themselves to continuous changes.
  4. A clear approach to the organizations' strategy.
  5. Activities and rewards for the employees which lead to greater personal satisfaction, and which in turn contributes to the company’s purpose.

In our business consultantion we will actively:

  • encourage your organization to produce the best possible results by relying on a team of managers who are trained to integrate consciousness into their tasks and maximize both their personal and professional potential.
  • help your organization understand and consciously pay attention to its different dimensions: people, processes and systems, structure, strategy and rewards. All these dimensions are constantly interacting with each other, what occurs in one affects the other positively or negatively.
  • help to understand stress according to personality types. Stress, which is a state of inner personal anxiety, prevents us from communicating our needs and feelings, which hinders productivity, creativity and joy. Howerver, healing stress is not the same for everybody; it will depend on the personality type of each person, and we will teach you all about it.

We distinguish between “Creative Tension” and “Stress”. Creative Tension is a stressful situation where we retain a certain control, such as in a sports competition or the organisation of an international conference. Stress appears in a situation where we have no control over the event, such as an accident, and economic crisis, bullying, etc.

One of the most devastating effects of Stress is the inhibition of breathing. With the repetition of stressful situations, the result becomes chronic and generates serious hang-ups such as lack of creativity, low productivity, chronic fatigue and mood swings amongst others. We will teach you breathing techiques which will help you relieve stress and use the energy recovered to enjoy life fully and be more creative and effective in your work. We believe that Breathwork should be part of the internal training that all companies should have.

Our program

Our tailor-made program will largely depend on the type of organization and its needs.

Usually, Viola and her team will first need to get an understanding of how your company works and what are the challenges. To do this, we will use a reporting system to assess criteria such as leadership, management style, the individual’s unique source of creativity as well of energy waste and stress. We analyse this information, meet with the client and create together a program for the organization, group or selected department.

Such a program can consist of a series of workshops (holistic supervision; stress management; time management, motivation; effective communication; why “together” is better; personality types and how to get the best of all of them; aligning personal vision and purpose with the company’s; limiting thoughts that affect personal and organizational productivity; healthy boundaries, what does it mean to be a “good” boss; conscious connected breathing) and personal mentoring.

The program can be taught in English, Spanish or Arabic.

WHAT kind of BENEFITS CAN you GET AT THE END of the process

  1. Effective communication therefore more harmonious relationships
  2. Better focus at work, therefore less mistakes and rework; “Good from the first time”
  3. Reduced employee turnover and absence from work, and increased loyalty and commitment
  4. Increased joy and motivation to do the work quicker and more efficiently as everybody’s best qualities emerge naturally, and therefore increased productivity
  5. More committed employees because they have adopted the company’s vision as part of their own, therefore higher goal achievement, and reduced costs and higher profits
  6. Reduced idle time which is transformed into productive time through sustainable solutions which are convenient for the employer and the employee
  7. Hugely reduced stress through mentoring and breathwork.

Who are we?

We are a team of international consultants specialized in Breathwork applied to organizational management and personal development. In the past, among others, Viola has done long-term consuling work for Electricidad de Caracas, Schindler Elevators, Britannica encyclopeadia.

Viola Edward is a social entrepreneur who works internationally with individual and corporate clients in sustainable management and leadership. For 21 years, she worked in small, medium and large businesses, the last 10 years being in the insurance sector. In 1993, she founded her first company in Personal Mentoring and Business Consultancy.

Amin El-Saghir is a strategic coach, business development and management consultant , a visionary, an innovator and a gifted conceptual thinker. He has over 20 years’ experience as a highly-recognized strategic planner and a coach to entrepreneurial individuals and businesses.

Layla Edward is a creative entrepreuner, through her work and experience she helps developing and expanding the human potential, creating the optimal conditions for her clients through her various qualifications and tools. Layla is Doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Breathwork Mentor Trainer, Business Consultant.


The price of our consultancy will depend on the size of your company and on our time working with you. Our proposals include on-site workshops, online mentoring, follow-up calls, and other tools which will give you the best results in your case.