Kayana Breathwork for Addition Recovery

KAYANA means "Knowing and Awakening Yourself Aareness by Nurturing and Acceptance". Our approach is to support you and your family to learn Kayana Breathwork and harness the power to heal, wherever you or your beloved one are in the journey for recovery.

Breathing is a life-sustaining activity that we practice instinctively from the moment we are born until the moment we die.

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a somatic therapy. An hour-long sesson with the rhythm of the breath, used in this technique, influences neural activity, enhances memory recall and expands emotional awareness. It helps to release suppressed blockages from the automatic nervous system.

Since 1993, I have applied this breathing technique in the context of reovery and have found it to be very powerful in supporting and advancing the treatment of addiction since our bodies hold our traumas and yet are also able to self-heal.

The release of physical tension is the first effect and reframing past and negative experiences. The second, completed by integration of the self. It can be used a a stand-alone therapy or as an add-on to medical treatments. Conscious Connected Breathwork can also create access to an altered state of consciousness often leading to the experience of bliss and transcendence.