Feminine Capital Rhythm

The Feminine Capital Rhythm, breaking free from compromise.

This program is designed to help powerful achieving women to break free from the restraints that prevent them from fully enjoying success and wealth.

The program also supports powerful committed men to break free of the cultural judgements that prevent them from fully enjoying the participation of women as peers in all areas of life. Together as peers “Caring for Equality”.

The Purpose is to arrive at the connection point where women have embraced their femininity and men their masculinity, from there we can move on into a sphere beyond the concepts of femininity and masculinity where every individual is seen to be unique with infinite possibilities. At this point togetherness becomes sustainable.

The programs can all be taught in English, Spanish or Arabic.

A quick look at the history of civilisation over the past years shows us clearly that following centuries of male domination, humanity has entered an era of intense changes to existing social patterns.

One of the miracles of the twentieth century was the intense feminine movement towards a harmonious balance of power with the masculine. Women have emerged as peers to men in the established order. They are now actively present in influential positions in Government, in Business, in Law, Science and Medicine and many other fields that were previously the reserves of the male.

However, along this pathway to equality, the powerful and successful woman has paid a huge price in her holistic health (body, mind, emotion, spirit, relations…) because she copied the established male energy model in order to unlock and enter his protected domain and be considered a peer. This has led her to damage much of her fundamental natural Feminine energy.

So there is a huge need for men and women to build equilibrium between them in the loving relationship, in the work place and the many other shared areas of life. Feminine energy is a key for this conflict resolution.

To encourage such a process of transformation, I have developed the Feminine Capital Rhythmprogram to bring awareness of the compromises that have been made, to identify and facilitate the development of personal feminine strengths and rebuild a no-compromise inner and outer attitude of pride and reliance on the energy of Feminine Capital.

The Feminine Capital Rhythm program is a strong, healing pulsation helping powerful women to break free into this uncharted territory, armed with the courage required to fully enjoy their success and good fortune without compromise. The program uses Holistic Self Knowledge, Breathwork and Image Awareness.

So how does the notion of Rhythm enter into this work? I believe that Rhythm has no limitations of language; it is a primal form of communication that envelops our entire body. It touches us profoundly, for it is sensed rather than seen, absorbed rather than heard. Like the heartbeat, some rhythms are totally instinctive, while other rhythms are acquired during childhood. We can develop the strength and power of our chosen personal rhythms and we can learn to master them, understanding and feeling the ways in which their different pulsations affect our health and psyche, through the Feminine Capital Rhythm.

As a Relationship Psychotherapist, many people ask me how is it that we get it so wrong about our feminine and masculine energy? How have we managed to get into such energy wasting behaviour, considering the potential power of the diversity in feminine and masculine energy? One of the answers is in the way we relate to others. Our outward appearance and our body language give out many clues to our identity and contribute towards the way we are perceived and how we are treated. There is a particular energy that appears in any interaction between two or more people, a Rhythm of connection. It is this energy that triggers our inner feelings of safety and trust, or discomfort and distrust, prompting the instinctive protective barriers to soften or to get harder.

Nowadays, we have so much knowledge about feminine and masculine energy. We also know about the extreme bright and dark sides of each of them. Some women damage themselves by following the most difficult of pathways, the shadow side of the masculine energy (rigidity, control, not expressing feelings, strictness, limitation and disconnection), while at the same time over compensating with their image to look more seductive… Meanwhile the man, having lost a patriarchal kingdom that he has known for centuries, has needed to learn how to relocate himself in order to live the harmony of this new equation.

This process also has been very difficult and frequently he will go into the shadow side of the feminine energy (being dependant, victimised, volatile, dispersed and manipulative). These are unfortunate scenarios for both genders and also the new generations growing up in their care.

By practicing the Feminine Capital Rhythm, women will feel how it is to be holding firm to a position or not. They can connect with the unquestionable strength of a NO or a YES and even the persuasive gentleness of a mutually benefitting arrangement. This energy rhythm is a woman’s precious Capital. It is already there within her. Opening her awareness and diving into the knowledge, she can begin to see and appreciate it.

Like a healthy and solid capital transaction, Feminine Capital is built up by breaking free from the compromises that have kept women hooked into low self-esteem and low worth in certain areas…

To create this Capital, she learns to live within the bright sides of both Feminine and Masculine energy. She embraces the holistic right to work, rest and be entertained, to love and be loved and to live the beauty of her motherhood. She continues to be creative, to change and age gracefully and to be a woman with pride in her heart.

She learns to be fully comfortable while being successful and wealthy, keeping the loving connection with all of her body and its beauty beyond her age. She can fly as high and as wide as she wants.

The program also includes powerful committed men to breaking free of cultural judgements that prevent them from fully enjoying the company of women as peers in all areas of life.

The Feminine Capital Rhythm programs.
  1. For powerful women who have made it professionally but still wish to work on their remaining areas of compromise, to be able to fully enjoy their success.
  2. Rising triumphant from the ashes of the menopause.
  3. For sensitive men wishing to balance their energies in acceptance of their uniqueness.
  4. Going to the Divine. For men and women together.
Each of these programs includes:
  • An online 6 session foundation program.
  • An online 6 session advance program.
  • The master process that includes 6 sessions plus another 6 follow ups.


Rebirthing is a tool for healing, personal growth and spiritual awakening. It is a holistic process involving breathing, thought and action that embraces the individual on all levels and dimensions. By bringing conscious energy to our thoughts and the way we breathe, it is possible to retrieve memories of forgotten incidents from our past, crucial incidents that, at the time, created emotions like fear, sadness, anger or resentment, establishing the terrain for a negative mind-set and limiting our ability to shine as a personality.

During the “breathwork” sessions that are a fundamental component of Rebirthing, a process of in-depth transformation enables you to become more aware of particular situations or events like these and to integrate them into your life as a learning experience. Through the steps of the process, non-desirable patterns of behaviour are dispelled and we cease to behave as a victim. Understanding and enjoyment can then replace the negative patterns that have limited the development of the full potential of our mind and body.

Breathing is a fundamental healing mechanism and the practice of breathwork brings one an awareness of the here and now. It transforms and balances our limiting behaviour patterns, tuning our inner ear in to the spiritual answers that convey the knowledge that is there to be gained from life’s experiences.

We learn to stop blaming others and become responsible for our situation in life, aligned with our purpose, accepting and learning to be totally present in our relationship with life. By absorbing ourselves in this simple process of healing, we also learn to recognise the natural gifts of those with whom we have relationships and can then continue to evolve together, giving and receiving in trust, enjoyment and fulfilment.

An initial breathwork cycle consists of ten sessions with a professional Rebirther. This enables an emotionally safe environment to be created in which the person breathing can go deeply into the transformation of their emotions and integrate the learning experiences provided by life. After this first cycle, the technique can then be practiced independently while you continue to do in-depth work with your professional therapist.

Rebirthing is a safe, effective, natural technique which connects us with our true essence, the source of our inner vigour. It supplies the energy and power needed to transform ourselves. Through Breathwork, holistic balance returns, hearts open to receive contentment and fulfilment and the celebration of life can re-commence.

Rebirthing is one of many techniques based on working with the breath, being a part of “Breathwork”, a more general term which encompasses many different techniques.

Image & Colour

Through our life’s journey, we may change countries, move house, or change the friends we go out with. Aspects of our personality may get highlighted or diminished, our body shape may change, but the pigmentation of our skin and the colour of our eyes remain fundamentally the same, as do the core elements of our personality.

These are the essentials of whom and what we are and the secret of feeling and looking good is being in harmony with those essentials. So it follows that certain blends of colours and styles of clothing will suit us beautifully and there are others that do not.

I offer you the experience of discovering and identifying your own very personal range of colours and style. Those that will best enhance your natural beauty and help you to look great and feel comfortable.

From this base of knowledge you will then be able to create an exciting, practical, colour co-ordinated wardrobe that closely suits your personal life style and budget.

Colour Consultations are both Fun and Informative, either on a one-to-one basis, or for couples or small groups and they are equally relevant for Women and Men.

The sessions take place in my comfortable consultation room located in Kyrenia, looking down to the sparkling sapphire blue Mediterranean.

Comments by Michael, Viola’s husband.

Viola has gone through a beautiful transformation since doing her colours with our friend Gilly Montgomery of the House of Colour. What I want to tell you about is the effect becoming colour-wise has had on her and the way she lives it out.

Her colour journey began six years ago, but of course that body shape and the colour of her hair and skin, those deep brown eyes and her facial character (with the smiles and expressions that floored me twelve years ago), they have always been there. But I have seen how these personal assets have now been formally recognised, identified, brought out into the open, then enhanced and confidently displayed with pride and knowledgeable self confidence.

Her space in our bedroom has been steadily transformed and now hums busily in a light and vibrant festival of colour. The sides of chests of drawers are festooned with colour graded arrays of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches. Scarves and belts are handily suspended from rows of hooks on the insides of her wardrobe doors. Shelves are filled with tidy layers of tops and trousers displaying bold harmonies and subtle suites in favourite shades, rails hung with dresses in ordered progressions of her “winter” colours.

Wether she’s dressing for her day’s consultation work or for a dinner out with friends or a wedding party, I’m a fascinated witness to the confident manner in which she plays with the effects of the choices she makes and the enjoyment with which she chooses what she will wear.

Everything to hand has already been carefully selected for colour and style and, as she selects a match for the context of the gathering and co-ordinates the accessories, she knows in advance that, …..if its there in the wardrobe, it will suit her…..

Holistic Management Consultant

In our role as Holistic Management Consultant, we help organizations to produce optimal results, through the development of their personnel. We support the integration of their consciousness into their tasks in order to maximize both their personal and professional potential.

We believe that any organization could be a holistic one, regardless of its size or management structure. Organizations only accomplish efficiency and effectiveness when they understand and are attentive to five core dimensions; people, processes and systems, structure, strategy and rewards. These dimensions constantly interact with each other, as what occurs in one affects the other, either by stimulating or preventing expansion and growth.


We go to the root of the problem, encouraging actions that value integrity, intuition and creativity while simultaneously optimizing benefits and competition.

We create an environment where conscious motivation exists within a team, so that it evolves into one formed by mature, upright people who are actively willing to undertake a commitment to themselves and with the company. This achieved through a mixture of the following steps:

  1. Assist in the creation of firm and flexible structures that are able to adapt to the continuous changes that organisations face on a daily basis.
  2. Facilitate a clear approach regarding the organizations’ strategy.
  3. Create systems that encourage participatory decision making in organizations by building a common vision.
  4. Assist in setting individual goals in line with the organization’s vision and mission statement.
  5. Provide personal guidance to employees having difficulty in carrying out their individual objectives in line with the common vision.
  6. Work with staff to ensure that they are taking responsibility for their job’s processes and its importance for the company’s optimal performance.
  7. Ensure that staff link personal consciousness with organizational purpose resulting in greater productivity and rewards through management actions.
  8. An active follow up system to ensure the above steps are consistently applied.

Falling in and out of Love and the creation of Conscious Relationship.

Finally that man or that woman that you have been waiting for, comes bursting in to your life and lights up your senses, floods your body with a rush of adrenaline and hormones and reminds you of the true meaning, the true dimension of the word longing. Reminds you of the intensity that those feelings of desire can attain, desire that is irresistable and so hard to controll. Your ego boundaries vanish, you feel so much an indivisable part of the union. You think that together you will be capable of almost anything. You feel ready to devote yourself exclusively to the well being, the pleasure and the delight of this angel, this being who takes your heart into the fifth dimension.

Bliss state.

We call it “falling in love”. Indeed, the sensation can be very similar to that of falling. You fall into a bliss state. The sun is shining and your worries have dissappeared. You are walking on air, the ground no longer solid under your feet, a strong force of attraction is pulling you, accelerating you onward without concern. The scenario is as familiar as life on earth, indeed the survival of the human species has depended on this phenomenon for millions of years. In the traditional ‘Fairy Tale’ style, the ending of the story would be “and they rode off in to the sunset” or “ and they lived happily ever after and had many children”

Change in lifestyle.

However, our day to day reality tends to be somewhat different from these romantic dreamings. After the euphoria of that first stage of “falling”, which could last for days or months, the partners will begin to discover the differences in their tastes, their ways of dealing with life as they try travelling together, agreeing on sexual frequency, spending time with eachother’s friends etc. Living together, before marriage, will help to bring these differences to the surface and, provided there is effective communication, allow them to be discussed and hopefully resolved. Both the partners will then face the task of letting go of their “I’m free and single” habits and begin creating the new relationship, sharing and living together and making the adjustments and compromises that this entails. We should not underestimate the change in lifestyle created by the transition from “single” to “in a relationship”.

Different expectations.

When ever two people come together for a relationship they will face cultural issues. Very often there will be a wide range of differences in the expectations of the man and woman about how the relationship is going to be. The joyfull, vivid, loving passions of their initial encounter can be eroded by these differences, the realities of the relationship. However, It is not the action of living together, nor that of getting married, that suffocates the relationship, but the unconscious engagement into the relationship without the simultaneous development of effective communication between the partners as a vehicle for resolving the differences.

Cards on the Table.

Imagine how amazing it would be, if, early on in a new relationship, the couple were conscious enough to create a time and space and find the courage to truthfully share their personal weaknesses and expectations of the relationship. What is it that they love about the other and what do they find difficult? What is their pooled list of talents, who will be best at doing what? How will they deal with sharing money, sharing responsability for those every day tasks? The topics are many, but if the differences surface at an early stage, dealing with them will be so much simpler…. but this would be in a perfect world and we have to do the best we can with current reality.

Role models

”Creating a Conscious Relationship” is a rare subject of study on academic curriculums. The classroom on relationship, for most young adults, has been the years of living with parents, grand parents, siblings and other influential family members. Information about how relationships work (also perhaps how they do not work) will have been collected from not only from observation of those role models and conditioning in schools and from their community, but also from romantic stories in literature, the cinema and the television.

Unfamiliar domain

The knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, will usually be put together by the partners over the years in a process of trial and error and the progress of this process will often be spiced up by blaming and power games. There will be “told you so” judgemental, clumsy comments from some family members, rather than regular access to helpfull, balanced insight from a wise and impartial family member or friend and consequently from a relationship coach, psychotherapist or councellor. Letting go of the old habits, coping with the new surroundings, setting off into this unfamiliar domain of relationship can be a painfull experience. Many relationships end in some kind of separation when difficulties cannot be resolved.

Giving, flowing into receiving

We dream of loving and caring for our partner, of being loved and cared for and appreciated for who we really are. The conscious relationship is one which is filled with conscious acts of love and caring. It is about giving. It develops from a conscious intention to bring joy and contentment into our partner’s life. When this dynamic is working both ways, with giving flowing into receiving, the result is deeply nourishing and harmonious for both participants.

Daring to explore the boundaries

So what are the capabilities and the skills that need to be developped to help us safely follow that powerful, exciting, sexual attraction and move closer to that situation we are all longing for? Learning from experience is always a powerful pathway, better to be active, daring to explore freely, looking for the boundaries of this new domain, rather than holding back, cautious and hesitant, limited by our fears. With help and knowledge about the dynamics of relationship, we can speed up the learning time and reduce the difficulty of the quest.

Love draws us back, time and again

Recognising the learning opportunities as they come into the life of the relationship and understanding the lessons offered by uncomfortable experiences, will help develop a deeper understanding. The presence of a strong love between the partners and the recognition of the precious value of their relationship will draw them back in time and again to this difficult work. So what is the essential content of the Conscious Male/Female Relationship? What subjects should our learning process include to improve the harmony? Below are six important ingredients which will contribute to it’s success:

Love, Effective Communication, Healthy Sexuality, Core values held in common, Some shared interests and hobbies, Agreement on the distribution of duties, Intimacy.

Breathwork Coaching

Supporting each one or both of you to find clarity in the areas which need to improve, to set boundaries and to open frontiers. It's about effective communication, agreements and intimacy