Effective stress release through WaterBreath Fusion

WaterBreath Fusion, created by Michael de Glanville, is a powerful natural process for the healing of stress.

Stress and relaxation cannot exist in the body at the same time and though relaxation is one of our a natural states of being, how to access it intentionally when we are stressed is another story.

When a particular form of conscious breathing is combined with the gravity free conditions and gentle flowing movements of warm water flotation, a transformational effect on the mind and the body takes place, allowing us to reach a state of profound relaxation that naturally triggers autonomous stress release.

Once the body has relaxed in this way, our senses open freely to the healing experience of receiving innocent, caring touch and we become more capable of accessing and clearing troubling subconscious memories that may be conditioning the way we approach life.

With the experience of a number of WaterBreath Fusion sessions, our body develops the use of the natural skills required for relaxing out of the chronic stress created by continuous negative situations.

Whether in corporate surroundings, or in studies and academic examination years, in relationship crises, or in family conflicts or pregnancy, Kayana’s WaterBreath Fusion builds a personal experience of stress release essential to anyone inspired by the idea of transformation from painful situations of chronic stress into healthy clear minded living.

Live it ……then believe it!

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