Feminine Capital Rhythm

The Feminine Capital Rhythm, breaking free from compromise.

This program is designed to help powerful achieving women to break free from the restraints that prevent them from fully enjoying success and wealth.

The program also supports powerful committed men to break free of the cultural judgements that prevent them from fully enjoying the participation of women as peers in all areas of life. Together as peers “Caring for Equality”.

The Purpose is to arrive at the connection point where women have embraced their femininity and men their masculinity, from there we can move on into a sphere beyond the concepts of femininity and masculinity where every individual is seen to be unique with infinite possibilities. At this point togetherness becomes sustainable.

The programs can all be taught in English, Spanish or Arabic.

A quick look at the history of civilisation over the past years shows us clearly that following centuries of male domination, humanity has entered an era of intense changes to existing social patterns.

One of the miracles of the twentieth century was the intense feminine movement towards a harmonious balance of power with the masculine. Women have emerged as peers to men in the established order. They are now actively present in influential positions in Government, in Business, in Law, Science and Medicine and many other fields that were previously the reserves of the male.

However, along this pathway to equality, the powerful and successful woman has paid a huge price in her holistic health (body, mind, emotion, spirit, relations…) because she copied the established male energy model in order to unlock and enter his protected domain and be considered a peer. This has led her to damage much of her fundamental natural Feminine energy.

So there is a huge need for men and women to build equilibrium between them in the loving relationship, in the work place and the many other shared areas of life. Feminine energy is a key for this conflict resolution.

To encourage such a process of transformation, I have developed the Feminine Capital Rhythmprogram to bring awareness of the compromises that have been made, to identify and facilitate the development of personal feminine strengths and rebuild a no-compromise inner and outer attitude of pride and reliance on the energy of Feminine Capital.

The Feminine Capital Rhythm program is a strong, healing pulsation helping powerful women to break free into this uncharted territory, armed with the courage required to fully enjoy their success and good fortune without compromise. The program uses Holistic Self Knowledge, Breathwork and Image Awareness.

So how does the notion of Rhythm enter into this work? I believe that Rhythm has no limitations of language; it is a primal form of communication that envelops our entire body. It touches us profoundly, for it is sensed rather than seen, absorbed rather than heard. Like the heartbeat, some rhythms are totally instinctive, while other rhythms are acquired during childhood. We can develop the strength and power of our chosen personal rhythms and we can learn to master them, understanding and feeling the ways in which their different pulsations affect our health and psyche, through the Feminine Capital Rhythm.

As a Relationship Psychotherapist, many people ask me how is it that we get it so wrong about our feminine and masculine energy? How have we managed to get into such energy wasting behaviour, considering the potential power of the diversity in feminine and masculine energy? One of the answers is in the way we relate to others. Our outward appearance and our body language give out many clues to our identity and contribute towards the way we are perceived and how we are treated. There is a particular energy that appears in any interaction between two or more people, a Rhythm of connection. It is this energy that triggers our inner feelings of safety and trust, or discomfort and distrust, prompting the instinctive protective barriers to soften or to get harder.

Nowadays, we have so much knowledge about feminine and masculine energy. We also know about the extreme bright and dark sides of each of them. Some women damage themselves by following the most difficult of pathways, the shadow side of the masculine energy (rigidity, control, not expressing feelings, strictness, limitation and disconnection), while at the same time over compensating with their image to look more seductive… Meanwhile the man, having lost a patriarchal kingdom that he has known for centuries, has needed to learn how to relocate himself in order to live the harmony of this new equation.

This process also has been very difficult and frequently he will go into the shadow side of the feminine energy (being dependant, victimised, volatile, dispersed and manipulative). These are unfortunate scenarios for both genders and also the new generations growing up in their care.

By practicing the Feminine Capital Rhythm, women will feel how it is to be holding firm to a position or not. They can connect with the unquestionable strength of a NO or a YES and even the persuasive gentleness of a mutually benefitting arrangement. This energy rhythm is a woman’s precious Capital. It is already there within her. Opening her awareness and diving into the knowledge, she can begin to see and appreciate it.

Like a healthy and solid capital transaction, Feminine Capital is built up by breaking free from the compromises that have kept women hooked into low self-esteem and low worth in certain areas…

To create this Capital, she learns to live within the bright sides of both Feminine and Masculine energy. She embraces the holistic right to work, rest and be entertained, to love and be loved and to live the beauty of her motherhood. She continues to be creative, to change and age gracefully and to be a woman with pride in her heart.

She learns to be fully comfortable while being successful and wealthy, keeping the loving connection with all of her body and its beauty beyond her age. She can fly as high and as wide as she wants.

The program also includes powerful committed men to breaking free of cultural judgements that prevent them from fully enjoying the company of women as peers in all areas of life.

The Feminine Capital Rhythm programs.
  1. For powerful women who have made it professionally but still wish to work on their remaining areas of compromise, to be able to fully enjoy their success.
  2. Rising triumphant from the ashes of the menopause.
  3. For sensitive men wishing to balance their energies in acceptance of their uniqueness.
  4. Going to the Divine. For men and women together.
Each of these programs includes:
  • An online 6 session foundation program.
  • An online 6 session advance program.
  • The master process that includes 6 sessions plus another 6 follow ups.