How Can Couples Therapy Help Heal Your Marriage or Relationship

How Can Couples Therapy Help Heal Your Marriage or Relationship

Have you been asking yourself ‘Can couples therapy save my marriage?’. Are you wondering ‘how can counselling heal my relationship?’. Well you are in the right place for answers, clarity and perhaps inspiration to begin on a journey to create a conscious relationship between you and your partner.

The truth is that during this time of uncertainty and as we move into the second year of the pandemic, more and more couples are breaking up and getting divorced. So dedicating time and energy to doing this healing work together with your partner in 2021, is something that any and every couple can benefit from, regardless of the phase of the relationship, or the issues being faced. In this blog, we will share some of the many ways that couples therapy can help improve your relationship, along with tips from Viola’s decades of experience as a therapist specialising in loving relationships.

  • Improve Communication in Your Relationship: One of the most common problems couples face in intimate relationships is inefficient communication. However, conscious relationships simply cannot survive without being able to communicate in an open, honest and authentic way. If you are struggling with communication in your relationship, relationship mentoring with Viola Edward can help you to bring attention and awareness to your communication, and in turn learn to really listen and hear each other. This deep and healing work can also help you have the difficult conversations you may have been avoiding and practice sharing from the heart without fear, ego or anger.
  • Help with Intimacy and Healthy Sexuality in a Relationship: Viola Edward is the author of the best-selling book ‘Who Makes the Bed’, which delves into intimacy in loving relationships and the important role it plays in the success of these pairings. Lending this same expertise to her work with romantic partners, Viola creates a safe space for her clients to discuss healthy sexuality and intimacy, helping them to overcome issues, inhibitions, or traumas, reignite their spark and find joy and pleasure in their intimate and sexual relationship.
  • Unlearn Old Harmful Behaviours and Patterns: As humans we carry around heavy baggage from previous relationships or experiences lived throughout our lives. These in turn can create behaviour patterns which are not always healthy for our loving relationships. Together with Viola’s gentle encouragement and knowledge, couples are encouraged to explore the roots of these behaviours and unlearn damaging habits such as blame and power games, or manipulation, jealousy and control, allowing them to expand together into a more conscious and loving mutual relationship. 
  • Heal After an Affair or Betrayal: Many clients come to Viola after the pain of an affair or betrayal wondering ‘can my relationship ever recover?’ and ‘will I ever be able to trust my partner again?’. Infidelity is an issue faced by many couples around the world with varying statistics ranging from 60-70% of couples dealing with cheating at some point in their relationship. This doesn’t have to mean the end of the story for you and your loved one. Through open communication and reconnecting with both your partner and yourself, joint talking sessions with a professional can offer a safe place to start for couples who are willing to try and heal from the pain caused by an affair or betrayal, while also being open to understanding what caused it in the first place.
  • Help with Equal Distribution of Household Duties: Do you find yourself doing more housework than your partner? One of the most common issues in relationships and marriages is the distribution of household duties and responsibilities. One person often ends up taking on the lion’s share of these tasks – on top of jobs and childcare – and this can lead to hurt, blame and resentment. Through couples therapy, these emotions can be unpacked and communicated efficiently. With Viola, couples will also have the space to explore collective qualities and talents and answer the question: ‘how to share household tasks with my partner?’

Tapping into her deep pool of experience and expertise as a psychotherapist and mentor, Viola Edward has helped many couples around the world heal from their past relationship traumas and create conscious loving relationships with their partners. Get in touch today  to find out how you can work together to heal your relationship and find lifelong success in Love.

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