Kayana Breathwork Counseling Training – 3 levels

Now in Cyprus & soon in London

Kayana Breathwork Counseling Training is a powerful approach to:

  • Self-exploration and healing that integrates insights from various depths of psychologies & philosophies.
  • Integrating the internal and the external world, as essential to a full understanding of the whole person, in a Transpersonal way, which includes the spiritual aspects of human nature, as well as the emotional, mental, physical and social aspects.
  • Assuming and living aspects of our life since early age to now.

The name KAYANA was created by Viola Edward & Michael de Glanville from different languages, in 2003, when they decided to marry and move to Cyprus. To them it means “our place of life energy”.

Kayana BreathWork Counseling was inspired in Rebirthing,it is a methodology for personal growth, emotional and spiritual awakening. It is a holistic process involving Conscious Breathing, Thought and Action that embraces the individual on all levels and dimensions. By bringing conscious energy to our thoughts and the way we breathe, it is possible to retrieve subconscious memories of primeval life situations. Some of these memories get stacked and condensed with the repetition of negative patterns creating constant emotions like fear, sadness, anger or resentment.

The Conscious Breathing –Thinking-Behaving therapy, activates the natural inner healing process of the individual’s psyche, bringing him or her a particular set of internal experiences. With the inner healing intelligence guiding the process in the breathwork session, the quality and content brought forth is unique to each person and for that particular time and place. It transforms and balances the limiting behaviour patterns, tuning the inner ear in to the spiritual answers that convey the knowledge that is there to be gained from life’s experiences.

What is a Breathwork Counseling Session? An initial cycle consists of ten sessions with a professional Breathworker, who will facilitate the creation of an emotionally safe environment. During these initial “breathwork” sessions, an in-depth transformation enables the client, (the one who is breathing during the sessions) to become more aware of curtain situations or events as described above and integrate them into their life as a learning experience. After this first cycle, the breathing technique can then be practiced safely and independently while the client also continues the in-depth process with the professional Breathworker. Through the steps of the process, non-desirable patterns of behaviour are dispelled and we cease to behave as a victim. Understanding and enjoyment can then replace the negative patterns that have limited the development of the full potential of our mind and body.

A Breathwork Counseling session is a safe, effective, natural technique which connects us with our true essence, the source of our inner vigour is a holistic process involving Conscious breathing, thought and action that embraces the individual on all levels. It supplies the energy and power needed to transform ourselves.

Through Kayana Breathwork sessions, holistic balance returns, heats open to receive contentment and fulfilment enhancing celebration of life.

KAYANA Breathwork Training & Counseling

1st level:

This is the first level program, it is a program for experiencing and studying Kayana Breathwork Counseling perspective. It is a two-track program that can be used either to become a certified one to one practitioner or simply to experience this practice more in-depth format.

You may be setting out on a journey of self-exploration, have a project in mind and are looking for inspiration and the courage to follow it through. Maybe you are a therapist but interested in acquiring new skills and looking for a training program as a professional Breath-Coach.

Relationships, both loving and professional, bring us challenges as well as rewards. Using the learning experiences created by these relationships is a key to self-understanding.

KAYANA Breathwork Counseling Training - first Level has a duration of two hundred hours (200hrs) of theory and practice. The participants are tutored during the process in the most important aspects of the training, follow up and coordination of the meetings. The participant will be able to go in-depth in their process and to support others in their personal one to one cycle of Breathwork Counseling


  • Gaining practical experience by watching, attending and doing the Conscious Connected Breathing and after
  • Self Discovery by learning about:
    • Birth script and early years of life
    • Personal law / Specific negative thought.
    • Disapprovals – parental, school and others
    • Life purpose and Vision of the future… using effectively our natural qualities
    • Purification with the Elements, water, earth, air, fire and mind.
      The practice to live in the present
    • Inner Child
    • Introduction to:
      Feminine Energy Repression
      The Saviour Syndrome
      Sibling Rivalry
      The inhibitor of our natural happiness (physical and sexual abuse)
    • Professionalism and ethics of a KAYANA Breathwork-Coach

The focus of the training is on creating conscious loving relationships with yourself, with others and the planet, also focuses on providing a safe and nurturing environment to practice awareness. Heart based, it will support you in rediscovering your harmonious self, giving you the tools required to achieve fulfilment in finding your own unique path.

To be certified, one needs to complete following activities during the training

  • Have completed a private Cycle (10 sessions with a professional breathworker)
  • Assist to theoretical classes and practices
  • Assist and participate in the activities offered to general public as group experience
  • Do the water and by the fire breathing sessions
  • Give three talks during the training *Free subject, *Breathwork, *Personal Law / specific negatives
  • Receive a breathwork cycle (10 sessions) from a classmate during the training
  • Give three talks during the training *Free subject, *Breathwork, *Personal Law / specific negatives
  • Read suggested bibliography, Breathing the Rhythm of Success, Rebirthing in The New Era, Celebrating the Breath, The Rhythm of Consciousness and others.
  • Have completed your payment agreement

This is the first level of 200 hours.

After finishing first level we will be going to Second Level which is to be practicing the work in group and go in-depth into the group dynamics and patterns.

Then the third level which is to be giving training to the new Breathworkers (after two year of practice actively).

Who is the Kayana Training program for? The program is designed to work for people with various levels of interest and needs. If you have previously tried coaching, Mindfulness or other breathwork technique and want to learnabout how to integrate them to dive deeper into your personal journey.

Although many in the program are in the helping professions, it is in no way a requirement for participation, or even to become a practitioner. People with all kinds of backgrounds have come to the training, including business people, artists, academics, ministers, nurses, psychologists, filmmakers, teachers, body workers, writers, builders, Coaches, doctors, musicians, veterinarians, attorneys and more.

A training group generally consists of people from different countries, and of various ages and income levels. People come with widely varied interests and reasons for participating. There are all types of spiritual paths represented, and individuals in many different stages of life. What they have in common is a passion for self developments and Breathwork, and based on this and on taking the inner journey together groups usually bond quickly, and deep connections are made.

If you are not a resident of the area, will do our best to support you in providing lodging in some of the trainees near by.

Where do training events take place? Training events are set up in Cyprus, between Limasol and Kyrenia. Soon starting in London

Registration and Payment

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Veronika Christodoulides

This Saturday was a very special day for me. Learning has been an integral part of my life, like food or needing to take a shower. It's a continuing state, nevertheless I feel that I climbed up another step by receiving my Kayana Breathwork-Coarch Certificate. One of those big chapters like my Bachelor, Master, having my children, or co-founding the NGO Birth Forward - Cyprus, I am hoping that Breathwork-Coaching will become a similar integral part of my life

A year ago I went on this journey of becoming a breathwork-coach, complimenting my formal academic education as an adult educator specialised in (intercultural) communication and educational media with a physical method of self-development called Conscious Connected Breathing - Breathwork, that works in combination with coaching on a very deep personal level. It not only transformed me personally, but I also feel it polished my strength in enabling people in learning and progressing.

I remember one of my professors once asking us to draw how we see learning and for me it was an adventure park with lot's of fun and joy and of course lot's of people. (Maybe a bit over optimistic, since it can be painful and hard too ;-) . ) One thing is sure for me learning is always very strongly connected with people and relationships, so I want to express my love and deepest gratitude to my amazing, very diverse trainers Viola Edward De Glanville, Layla Edward and Michael de Glanville and all my fellow trainees that I had the honour to learn from and with. Thank you as well to the all those people participating in our open breathwork groups in Limassol Vedanta Yoga Centre that I could observe and assist during my 200 hours training

Creators of Kayana, Viola Edward & Michael de Glanville
Guest Trainer, Layla Edward