About Viola

Viola Edward was thirty-four when she broke free, quit her job and followed her lifelong dream and passion.

In the last 25 years, she has written books, founded her own businesses, won several awards and an honorary doctorate, found a soulmate, built a family, emigrated for the third time and has helped 10,000 plus people in 18 countries to unlock their hidden possibilities as they achieve full potential.

Viola is a Relationship Specialist for Professional Women, she speaks English, Spanish and Arabic. She works worldwide, with individual and business clients, on a mission to help as many people as possible by leading training programs in coaching, psychotherapy and breathwork mentoring.

Viola’s story highlights the turbulent experiences of a childhood punctuated by her father’s early death. Migration was followed by the civil war in Lebanon and then migrating again, with her family when she was thirteen, to find a new home within the South American culture of Venezuela.

Excluded by this series of events from traditional education, she set out on the autonomous pathway of alternative education, to which she still remains faithful today. Her love for education led to her immersing herself in numerous education programs, spanning transpersonal psychotherapy, breathwork, meditation and mindfulness to name a few.

Viola worked for 21 years in SMs and the corporate environment becoming a successful marketing manager. At the age of thirty-four, she renounced her corporate career to follow her childhood dream of becoming a psychotherapist, teacher and mentor.

In 1993, She founded the ‘Centro Rebirthing de Venezuela’, which rapidly became a leading holistic breathwork therapy center, which she ran with her sister Layla. This was followed by the creation of ‘Edward & Associates Business Consultancy’ through which she carried her knowledge of Psychotherapy and Coaching back into the business world of human resources.

During this time, Viola became increasingly involved in numerous Holistic Business Consulting processes, women’s rights issues, giving international lectures and seminars.

Her book “La Conciencia del Éxito y el Arte de Renacer” was published in 1999, before being translated into English and published as “Breathing the Rhythm of Success”. The original Spanish version was reprinted with a changed title in 2017 to “Respirando el Ritmo del Exito”

Today, Viola enjoys travelling internationally, spreading and developing her knowledge through the 'Feminine Capital Forum' platform, which she established in 2017.

Her second book, “Who Makes the Bed?” (2017), deals with the delicate issues of intimacy and consciousness in loving relationships. ....

On a personal level, she also has a passion for colour and style in clothing. This she inherited from her mother Rose, who was an creative seamstress from whom she learned the courage to express herself through fashion.

In 2003, at the age of 44, the whirling spiral of love brought her to Aphrodite's Island of Cyprus, the pearl of Eastern Mediterranean, where she married her soulmate Michael and set up a new home.

Together, they established Kayana International Breathwork, a boutique consultancy & training company, specialising in a range of retreats, mentoring, coaching and professional breathwork training programs for personal and organisational development.

Today, Viola brings together her diverse expertise to lead, mentor and train her clients towards a fulfilling life of joy, clarity and success. Her studio is located in Kyrenia, on the North Shore of the Island, where she works as a Relationship Coach, Holistic Psychotherapist and a lead Breathwork Trainer. At Kayana, she is supported by her sister Layla Edward and husband Michael De Glanville, both of whom assist her in delivering a range of programs to those who are taking action to improve the quality of their relationships with themselves, others and their environments.