Viola Edward

International Multi-Award Winning
Stress Mastering Mentor, Breathwork Pioneer & Psychotherapist
Breathe with purpose, melt stress away and lead a boundless life.
Success is: feelings, thoughts and actions dancing to the same rhythm
Do you want a fully clear, powerfull and colourfull life?
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Meet Viola

Awards winner, Viola is a woman who broke free; her story highlights the turbulent experiences of a childhood punctuated by her father’s early death, migration then civil war. Further migration and cultural upheaval limited her opportunity of growing up in a stable Lebanese family environment when, as a teenager, she was again parachuted, migration style, into the vibrant, colourful, yet unfamiliar South American culture of Venezuela.

Finding herself excluded from traditional education, she set out on the pathway of alternative education that she remains on today. Through hard work and study in Caracas Viola added Spanish to her knowledge of Arabic, English and French, completing high school and college through night classes. In 1993, with eighteen years experience of working in a corporate environment, she renounced her career as successful marketing manager to follow her dream.


Kayana Breathwork Training & Mentoring

This is a two-track programme for experiencing and studying Kayana Breathwork. It can be used either to become certified "one to one" practitioner or simply to experience Breathwork in greater depth.


Kayana Breathwork for Addiction Recovery

At Kayana International, we understand how addiction can have a huge impact on a person's life, their families, relationships and careers. We also know how tough it can be to ask for help and to et help, either for yourself or for a loved one.


Kayana Breathwork Training for Business

We encourage organizations to produce optimal results and to rely on a team of people who integrate consciousness into their tasks and maximize both their personal and professional potential.


Relationship Coaching

Supporting each one or both of you to find clarity in the areas which need to improve, to set boundaries and to open frontiers. It's about effective communication, agreements and intimacy


Holistic Management Consultant

By bringing clarity to the problems in your organisations we encourage actions that value integrity, intuition and creativity while simultaneously optimizing benefits and competition.


Feminine Capital Rhythm

Helping powerful, achieving women to find clarity by breaking free from restraints that prevent them from fully enjoying success and wealth. and for powerful committed men to breaking free from cultural judgement that prevent them from fully enjoying the company of woman as peers in all areas of life.

'We Care for Equality'


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