Harness the Power to Heal

Wherever you or your loved ones are in the journey of recovery, we can support you and your family to learn GRIT Breathwork — a safe and powerful modality that helps you harness the power to heal from addiction.

The word “GRIT” also means Grow-Resource-Inspire-Transform.

GRIT Breathwork is a somatic therapy process that aligns us with living what we teach, revealing and healing addictive habits and embedded traumas in the body, mind and emotion. It is inspired by Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB).


For Recovery

We have found GRIT Breathwork to be very powerful in supporting and advancing the process of treatment of addiction since, even as our bodies hold our traumas, our bodies also have the capacity to self-heal with the support of Breathwork.

We understand the huge impact addiction can have on a person’s life — on family, relationships and career. We also know how tough it can be to ask for help for yourself, or for a loved one.  

We are here to support you — to empower you — so you can learn and apply this healing modality in order to harness your own power to heal.


Our Experience

• Since 1993, Viola has successfully applied this breathing technique both as a stand-alone therapy, and as an add-on to medical treatments, to help people suffering from many types of addictions, including alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, online gaming, sex addiction, pornography, and shopping.

• Viola’s experience includes living in-house as clinical staff at a rehab centre, offering Breathwork in an extended format to client groups. 

• In May 2019, Viola led a group Breathwork session at the iCAAD (International Conference Addiction and associated Disorders) on Behavioural, Mental and Emotional Health Conference in London.


What is GRIT Breathwork like?

With GRIT Breathwork, generally one experiences:

• A release of physical tension

• A healthy reframing past and negative experiences

• And finally, the experience of an integration of the sense of self


What We Offer

One-to-One Sessions for Individuals and Families

Extended Group Work and Staff Training for Rehab Centres

If you are a rehab centre, and are interested in introducing Breathwork as a healing modality for your clients, Viola can train your therapists and counselors to give Breathwork sessions. In some specific cases Viola can accompany your clients directly, as she also speaks Spanish and Arabic.

What Participants Have Said

Our workshop, Breathwork for Recovery, has received very positive feedback from the participants, and we are already training a group of addiction specialists.


Be inspired … breathe for it!