Breathwork, Conscious Connected Breathing – CCB – is a tool for healing, personal growth and spiritual awakening. It is a holistic process involving breathing, thought and action that embraces the individual on all levels and dimensions. By bringing conscious energy to our thoughts and the way we breathe, it is possible to retrieve memories of forgotten incidents from our past, crucial incidents that, at the time, created emotions like fear, sadness, anger or resentment, establishing the terrain for a negative mind-set and limiting our ability to shine as a personality.

During the Conscious Connected breathwork session, a process of in-depth transformation enables you to become more aware of particular situations or events like these and to integrate them into your life as a learning experience. Through the steps of the process, non-desirable patterns of behaviour are dispelled and we cease to behave as a victim. Understanding and enjoyment can then replace the negative patterns that have limited the development of the full potential of our mind and body.

Breathing is a fundamental healing mechanism and the practice of breathwork brings one an awareness of the here and now. It transforms and balances our limiting behaviour patterns, tuning our inner ear in to the spiritual answers that convey the knowledge that is there to be gained from life’s experiences.

We learn to stop blaming others and become responsible for our situation in life, aligned with our purpose, accepting and learning to be totally present in our relationship with life. By absorbing ourselves in this simple process of healing, we also learn to recognise the natural gifts of those with whom we have relationships and can then continue to evolve together, giving and receiving in trust, enjoyment and fulfilment.

An initial breathwork cycle consists of ten sessions with a professional Breathworker. 

This enables an emotionally safe environment to be created in which the person breathing can go deeply into the transformation of their emotions and integrate the learning experiences provided by life. After this first cycle, the technique can then be practiced independently while you continue to do in-depth work with your professional therapist.


Somatic Therapy

Conscious Connected Breathwork is also a somatic therapy. An hour-long session with the rhythm of the breath, used in this technique, influences neural activity, enhances memory recall and expands emotional awareness. It helps to release suppressed blockages from the autonomic nervous system.

Also, it can access supressed non-verbal memories, being a huge support as somatic therapy and working toward understanding and healing  -PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Since 1993, I have applied this breathing technique in various contexts of stress including recovery from addictions and I have found it to be very powerful in supporting and advancing the treatments, since our bodies hold our traumas and yet are also able to self-heal.

The release of physical tension is the first effect and reframing past and negative experiences the second, completed by integration of the self. It can be used as a stand-alone therapy or as an add-on to medical treatments. Conscious Connected Breathwork can also create access to an extraordinary state of consciousness often leading to the experience of bliss and transcendence.

CCB is a safe, effective, natural technique which connects us with our true essence, the source of our inner vigour. It supplies the energy and power needed to transform ourselves. Through Breathwork, holistic balance returns, hearts open to receive contentment and fulfilment and the celebration of life can re-commence.

Conscious Connected Breathing – CCB- is one of many techniques based on working with the breath, being a part of “Breathwork”, a more general term which encompasses many different techniques.


Be inspired … breathe for it!