Mentoring for Individuals and Couples

Skills and Tools for Nourishing, Harmonious Relationships 

Have you fallen in and out of love?

Finally, the partner that you have been waiting for bursts into your life, lights up your senses, and you feel ready to devote yourself exclusively to the well-being, pleasure and delight of this angel, this being who takes your heart into the fifth dimension. The euphoria might last for days or months, but then… you begin to discover differences in tastes and ways of dealing with life, different expectations. These relationship realities seem to erode the joyful, vivid, loving passions of the initial encounter.  Now what?

You can learn to sustain the love 

Imagine how amazing it would be, if, early on in a new relationship (or, anytime), each partner could be conscious enough, and feel safe enough, to create a time and space to truly share their personal weaknesses, strengths and expectations with each other — to learn to resolve differences, and strengthen connection.

Relationship mentoring can get to the root of the problem: Unconsciousness

It is not the action of living together nor getting married that suffocates relationships, but the unconscious engagement with a partner, coupled with ineffective tools for communication and resolving the differences.

“The Joy Of Creating The Conscious Relationship” offers balanced insight from an experienced, wise and impartial perspective to teach you how to maintain loving relationships

• I support each one or both of you to develop awareness, to find clarity in the areas which need to improve, to set boundaries and to open frontiers. 

• It’s about effective communication, agreements and true intimacy. 

• With help and knowledge about the dynamics of relationship, we can speed up a process that takes most people a lifetime to learn through trial and error.

Do you dream of loving and caring for your partner, of being loved and cared for and appreciated for who you really are?  Then you are looking for a conscious relationship.

The conscious relationship is one that is filled with conscious acts of love and caring. It is about giving. It develops from a conscious intention to bring joy and contentment into our partner’s life. When this dynamic is working both ways, giving flows into receiving and vice versa; the result is deeply nourishing and harmonious for both partners. 

In the Safe Space of Mentoring, You can Unlearn:

• Blaming and power games. 

• The unconscious beliefs and myths you hold about love and relationships from watching parents other influential family members, and from romantic stories in literature, the cinema and the television.

• The “I’m free and single” habits; replace them with creative ways to find the joy in shared living, with its adjustments and compromises. (Don’t underestimate the change in lifestyle created by the transition from “single” to “in a relationship”.)

• The old habits that surface in the unfamiliar terrain of relationship that can painfully push people apart.


In the Safe Space of Mentoring, You can Learn and Explore:

• The seven important ingredients that preserve harmony in a loving relationship and contribute to it’s success: 

o Effective communication

o Healthy sexuality

o Core values held in common

o Some shared interests and hobbies

o Agreement on the distribution of duties

o Intimacy

o Breathe for it…


• What to do when ego boundaries vanish, and you feel so much an indivisible part of the union that you lose yourself. 


• The Practicalities:

o What are your pooled list of talents, who is best at doing what? How will you share responsibility for everyday tasks?

o How will you deal with sharing money? 


• How to recognise learning opportunities as they come into the life of the relationship and understand the lessons offered even by uncomfortable experiences, which help develop a deeper understanding. 


• The capabilities and the skills you can develop to help you safely follow that initial powerful, exciting, sexual attraction into the richness of an enduring relationship.


• How to allow the presence of a strong love between partners draw you back again and again to the recognition of the precious value of your relationship, no matter the difficulties that arise. 


How the Mentoring Program Works

• You, or you and your partner, will meet with Viola Edward either in person, by phone, or via Skype or Zoom

• Sessions are designed according to the need from one hour to three hours

• Typical number of sessions: five to twelve



Gelareh Razavi

I remember how unfamiliar I was with my feelings when I met viola. I had anxiety attacks that was disabling my life, and constant feeling of anger, distrust and sadness toward life and people around me. My relationship was not in a good place with my family and I was not able to commit to any relationship.

After each session i started to realize I was channeling my feelings toward these emotion without knowing any other way. working with Viola was a life long lesson that equipped me with understanding of my feeling and guide them toward healthy emotions.

Me and my other half were not able to communicate our feeling without judging each other, and been paralyzed by our past experiences, but after working with Viola as a couple , soon we started to connect and learn the skill of healthy communication. Viola saved us from parting ways by showing us the path to our feelings and how to embrace them in everyday of our life. 

Today, I am connected happily with my family and married for little more than 3 years with my other half, we are still in a loving relationship that let us love, communicate and understand each other, all thanks to my dear Viola. 

Thank you for the life lessons, Thank you for showing us how to love.


Be inspired … let love in!