GRIT Breathwork is accredited by the   Global Professional Breathwork Alliance – GPBA 

GRIT Breathwork is inspired in Conscious Connected Breathing CCB, an hour-long session with the rhythm of the breath used in this technique, influences neural activity, enhances memory recall and expands emotional awareness. It helps to release suppressed blockages from the autonomic nervous system.

We train you to be a Breathwork Mentor and trainer, by teaching you how the knowledge of breathing supports us in dealing holistically, consciously and clearly with the stresses of life’s challenges. Our focus is to bring mindfulness to the beauty and depth of mentoring skills: being present, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and ethical.

“GRIT” also stands for: Grow-Resource-Inspire-Transform

GRIT Breathwork has been created with the intention of bringing harmony, meaning and purpose into building lively, caring, nourishing and loving relationships in all areas of life.

GRIT Breathwork is a somatic therapy process that aligns us with living what we teach, revealing and healing addictive habits and embedded traumas in the body, mind and emotion. It is inspired by Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB).

Individualised and Inspiring Training

Our training is tailor-made to suit the style and the needs of our clients. We take our community of freedom, love, respect and vision with us wherever we teach. 

This path can support you to learn the skills of a professional Breathwork practitioner and trainer, whether you are motivated by personal seeking or career goals.

Inspiring the leader within, our training includes a strong business component that prepares our Breathwork Mentors to practice and offer their best to private and business clients, as well as the possibility of assisting Viola and co-leading in different cities worldwide. 

Supervision and Mentoring in Person and Online 

We offer supervision and mentoring online. We also acknowledge and accredit the modules completed with other mutually agreed certified training centres.   


We have twenty-eight years of experience working internationally in the field of breathwork, mentoring, coaching and psychotherapy

Viola Edward – Leader

  • Breathwork trainer since 1994, founder of Kayana Breathwork that in July 2021 transformed into GRIT Breathwork, transcultural psychotherapist, business consultant, author. Ambassador for Human Rights. Pioneer of Wellbeing and Mental Health Fitness in the workplace sice early nineties.
  • Co-creator of BQ – Breath Intelligence and GRIT Method
  • Creator of the programs Breathwork for Recovery Training and Stress Mastery
  • Co-founder & CEO of GRIT Academy & Partner E.D. of Creative Women Platform


Layla Edward – Co-Leader

  • Breathwork trainer, transpersonal psychotherapist, birth facilitator, 
  • Mentor, Ambassador of Global Mentoring Network RGM. CRP-Self Realization Trainer, active meditation and dance therapist, expert in “Five Elements Purification”
  • Co-founder and CFO of GRIT Academy, GRIT Method and Centro Rebirthing de Venezuela,
  • Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Michael de Glanville – Co-Leader

  • WaterBreathFusion creator and body therapy expert. 
  • Founder of Body Therapy Centre in France
  • Geologist, engineer, ultra-light glider pilot. Author. 

Scientist Guest Faculty

Dr Ela Manga

  • Integrative Medicine medical doctor, author, speaker and leading voice in the field of mind-body medicine and wellness.
  • Expert in the field of energy, management and burnout, whose first book, BREATHE: Strategizing Energy in the Age of Burnout, is fast becoming the go to guide for managing energy and optimising physical and mental healthy. 

Christopher Gladwell

  • Biologist, author, teacher of functional anatomy and a clinical hypnotherapist
  • Breathworker and master teacher of Breatheology®, meditation, mindfulness and Mind Mastery.
  • Creator and trainer of EVOLVE with Evolutionary Breathwork

Adrian Cox

  • Founder of one of Thailand’s first schools of yoga, Yoga Elements- described as “Easily Bangkok’s best studio” by Travel and Leisure (25 Top Yoga Studios Around the World) and as “Bangkok’s most inspiring place to study yoga” by Bangkok Post (reader choice awards). 
  • Taught workshops, and trainings worldwide, and was featured at the Yoga Journal conferences in Moscow and Bangkok in 2008, 2009, and 2010.
  • Founder BreathYoga – a system of yoga and breathwork sequenced to bring more freedom to breathing
  • Certified Breathwork Trainer – GRIT Breathwork 400 hours, Professional Member International Breathwork Federation (IBF), Certified Breathwork Practitioner with Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA)
  • E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher Trainer – Certfied to the highest level under the yoga alliance and with daily practice since 1997. 
  • Certfied Trainer and Coach of Hypnosis and NLP – Multi-certified under three different schools of NLP and Hypnosis including John Grinder (ITNLP), Christina Hall (Society of NLP), John Overdurf (HNLP).  

GRIT Academy is a Training Centre for 

The “Red Global de Mentores”