Breaking Free From Compromise

For Both Women and Men


The Feminine Capital Rhythm 

• Is a programme designed to help powerful achieving women to break free from the restraints that prevent them from fully enjoying success and wealth

• Is a programme to support powerful committed men to break free of the cultural judgments that prevent them from fully enjoying the participation of women as peers in all areas of life

The purpose is to arrive at the connection point where women have embraced their femininity and men their masculinity, and from there we can move on into a sphere beyond the concepts of femininity and masculinity, where every individual is seen to be unique with infinite possibilities. At this point togetherness becomes sustainable.


Women and Men Together as Peers, “Caring for Equality”.

The Feminine Capital Rhythm is for:

• Powerful women who have made it professionally but still wish to work on their remaining areas of compromise, to be able to fully enjoy their success

• Sensitive men wishing to balance their energies in acceptance of their uniqueness

• For men and women together




Be inspired …
let go into infinite possibilities!